burning desire

Burning desire
(This poem is for all those who think their problems can be solved by drinking alcohol)

A man who sends a child to catch a
A shrew will give him water to
Wash his hands
Yes he will give him water to wash his hands
He will for the popularity of an impotent drunkard
Is known only at the drinking bar
Aahh… what calamity has fallen?

When all hopes and aspiration frowns at him
And pulls guns and spears at him
It is only the calabash of wine that gives him solace

The pauper’s tears dilute the libation wine
Oh! Pauper, your maker will provide you the water
If only you catch the shrew

Your problems are measured by the length of the shrew’s nose
Your desire to live in greens may intoxicate your heart as wine does to the best brains

You may catch your shrew
But until you burn your source of solace


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