Kojo Poet is Kwaku Ananse, Koo Kumi is Okonore Yaa

Okonore Yaa: “Tutu bor vi”
“Tutu bor vi”
Aah who, who born you
My son who’s cry awakens the dead
Weep not for i have something to quench your thirst
Take, I offer you nufusu as bresu
“Ahh, hena hena ba ni”
“Won fa no nkoto aba ase”
Do not cry again for your tears are to be saved for the day I forget my lines of lullabies.

Kwaku Ananse: The smile on my baby’s face radiates when she is fed with melodious lullabies unsung
Dissolved in the passion of lullabies intrigue the father’s intuition of the bond that lies within
Within is the free flowing spirit roaming in the darkest part of the heart that needs light
My baby, daddy will forever be your baby
Your footsteps will be guided by these lullabies I sing
Let these lullabies be the language we speak till nature makes you bite
When you close your eyes to reconnect with pictures of the mind
Do not hesitate to sing these lullabies because it makes life beautiful


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