(This poem is dedicated to every young woman who is playing a vital role in the life of a young man)

She is so perfect
I mean a perfect match
A match which has no red cards
A woman worth celebrating with or with no cash
Her humility epitomize an absolute divinity
A woman full of grace with no stain to her integrity
When I had nothing, she never stood low to sell her dignity
The only virgin I know in my vicinity
No disrespect to any woman but she always tagged the most envied Brazilian wig as vanity
She will never pray for riches but for our unity
Her unconditional love reaffirms the biblical composition of a worthy woman
Never a symbol of sex but a symbol of purity with confidence
A perfect reflector of my perfections
The cornerstone of the four sides of every smile on my face
A covenant between a dreamer and a realist
She said dream
Now realities
Realities which caused her sweaty face and tearful eyes
She said hope even in despair
Hope was God
GOD was the path
The path was the woman who always loved me whole heartedly
Today I sing of a woman
A woman who stood by me, come rain or shine
Rain was pain
Shine is now
Now is a woman
The woman behind me


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