LIFE SECRETS ( part one)

LIFE SECRETS by  Kumi William Du Bois

I like the mornings but hate the mourning’s, it pains the heart to see those who matters most to you leave but who knows, no one but only God. So in this state I tell myself some life secrets.”

It takes a smile to make a pith seal in the heart

We receive smiles everyday but not all makes the wounded heart heal

You see, you may need a just a word to make a darker day bright

It is not that you don’t hear it from anyone, you hear it but ,you will love to hear it from the lips of the one you call a special one which he or she can’t say it.

This is a life secret

People enters your heart and you wish they leave for the first second of their stay

People enters your heart and you wish they never leave for the rest of your life

People will never enter this heart of yours not because you don’t like or love them, that’s not the point but the point is THEY CANT BE IN TWO HEARTS AT THE SAME TIME

This is a life secret my dear, this is a life secret

How do you define your best conversation? Is it by whom you had with or the length of it?

Or is it by the topic of discussion? Well for me my best conversation is defined by having a conversation with the right person or the right people. It doesn’t matter the length or the setting of the conversation.

When you exchange winks with the special ones or the special one you have ever wanted to be with for a million years for only a micro second, call that best conversation


(part one)



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