STARVING LIFE’S

Many are those who call themselves leaders

Leaders who cannot find food for even the ant

They fly across the oceans in a fast motion

Whiles their homeland grows in a slow motion


Why does the ribs of the innocent child project but cannot pierce the heart and eyes of Mr Chairman?

They film the ribs for diamonds in the name of “poverty in Africa”

Yet the owner of the filmed ribs received stones as bread

Muddy water as the purest water since Adam

I won’t ask “why”? I will shout STOP coming here with Cameras


You care for the chimpanzee in the zoo for they yield money

Where does the future of the youths lies?

Is in the belly of Mr Chairman?

Researching to get a cure for your insanity is nothing in the eyes of  the sons and daughters of the land.

They spat in my mouth

These are their words, they were crying whiles spiting in my mouth

“yen ate abre

Don’t say Hakuna Matata

Find the cure to cure sneezing if you find cure your dead brains”




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