Merry Christmas

In 2013,I made many
Some became Dearest, Some
became Special,Some I Fell
in Love with,Some went
Abroad, ( or to the village)
Some changed their cities,
(Some Left me, I Left some)
Some are in contact, Some
are not in contact, Some
don’t contact because of
their ego, I don’t contact
some because of my ego,
Some left me alone in this
world:'(Wherever they are)
However they are)
İ still remember, Love,
Miss & Care about them
bcos of the part they
played. They made
MEMORIES in my Life and
therefore are part of it!
So if you get this, then know I
haven’t forgotten you and I want
to say, Thank you for being
part of my 2013…
Merry Christmas & a Happy
New Year in Advance!!!
“Let’s toast To friendship and
to 2014.

Team Koo Kumi and Team Tyba wishes you all a Merry Christmas.

Comment with your wish and it will be delivered in a 3 stanza poem for you.


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