In life they say there is a philosophy
That when you compete you must always get a trophy
When you do and you don’t then you are compared to a puppy
I have some question to ask, do we all have to get that money?

The future is bright
That’s another philosophy
Indeed it is bright but the leaders never provide the followers light
Gunshot every night
Is this bright, is this right?

Tomorrow they say, shall be better
But they forget that today was yesterday’s tomorrow
If this is the future then we will live on shields and arrows
Don’t just sit there and watch me talk
They are trading your future for pork
And unnecessary expensive cloths

Tomorrow will never be better
Dont wait for the bread for you have the butter
Tomorrow will be better if only you will strive harder
We are our own tomorrow

We are not alone so look into the sky and dry a tear
Make sure you use love to pass through fear
These are words my ears attracted when walking pass an old man advising his grandson”


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