The Five Things I Will Tell A Black Lady

Can you recall
Those days I stood tall ?
In the mist of timid boys
On the thick tall walls of fears?
Yes… I know you do

For every wink you blink
Has a trillion words that it brings
Even when I siphon a gallon of water I still feel the need to drink

Go, Don’t go, She will insult you, boys will laugh at you, the girls will tease you.
All these voices in monotony
Like my ringing tone “hiding my heart away”
Keeps on resounding in my ear drums like the fontomfrom and Atumpan drums.

So the day I muster courage
I will paint your portraits in the belly of my palms
In my right hand will be when you smile like the morning sun

My left hand will be when the wind blows your natural hair to the back of your ear like Shilpa Shetty
In a Hindu movie

I will tell you five simple things

1. I dedicate the Solomonic songs of romantic love and wisdom to you

2. No need to wake up early
To make me breakfast on our first date, I will serve you in bed… I mean serve it in bed early in the morning…
Don’t get it twisted… I mean a breakfast

3. I would not mind if you will not go all natural on your hair
But I will fast for your real African beauty upgraded to it latest version like an android 4.4 Kit Kat

4. I would not mind if you will not slap me for my last thing am about to say….

I have had crushes,
Vehicular crushes
Head crushes
Love Crushes

But a crush on you is like life without Christ, which is criss

Like a life on the deserts of Egypt but far away from River Nile, which is dryness

Like an eyeball without a pupil, which is blindness

Like a mentally challenged, locally acclaimed, which is madness

Like days with ECG, which is lightless

Like A life with Satan which is Darkness.

Be not my dream Black lady no more
Take my hand
Lets walk this road together
And lets live together forever..

My fifth thing is

5.Be my Lady


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