Africa In Doldrums

From the garden of eden
I asked “Who is who”?
Who is black and who is white?
Is it Adam or Eve?

From the torn villages of Africa
I asked “Who has the strength of a lion”?
Not for battling with flesh and bones
But the strength to redeem Africa from Doldrums

Africa is in a court with the sword of damocles hanging around her neck
Last night I heard the silent cry of Kunta Kente

Today am reading the dream of Martin Luther King Jnr in the streets of America
But I cant feel the total libaration of Africa as Nkrumah said

In time like this I remember my heroes
In chains they saw the chance
In pains they strived to gain
To gain freedom and make a positive change
Heros who arose from Zeroes

They did their best
We have to do the rest
As gently as the bird build its nest
Lets put love first
Remember the cry in the streets of the ghettos and quench your thirst

Today, let the warriors grab their strength
Let the women pour warmth and give them a reason to return home victorious
Let the traditionalist pour libation to invoke the countless gods of the land
Let the Christians chant tongues of fire from heaven
The atheist also suit themselves in their thoughts

We shall propose a toast
In oneness we accord ourselves with the pride of Africa
It is said that “Cola nuts last longer in the mouth of he who values it
Africa we shall surely sing you a victory song


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