On Our First Date

I will bath in the mighty falls of Boti
Wear the finest smock from the Sahara
I will smear my skin with Nkuto
Pluck you the bloomy sweet scented flowers from Koforidua

I can not come with you to the shores where only one sitting stone sits
So I will bring another stone from Mampong Kontonkye Obo a ehe akuma
Or I will bring you Asese gua
Carved by the crafty hands of the artist in Aburi

On our first date
We shall be seated on top of the Kwahu mountains and watch the fulani feed his flock from a distance
And drink coconut water from the western side

Rose bed I shall lay for you
Fragrance from Koforidua
I will call upon Ablade Glover to paint our young love
David Diop to write our innocent love
Prof Francis Allotey to fix our love

On our first date
Laughter and smiles shall be at your feet
I will bring you Ahenema so your feet never feels the wrath of the wicked gravels
That day you will know that days will end when am without you
And time will stop to tick when you leave

*Boti– water falls in Koforidua
*Nkuto– shear butter
*Mampong Akuapem – A town
*Ahenema – Native sandals


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