ONLY ME (AM ALONE) Inspired by a true life story

Nights gone by Clocks ticked and tacked
Sun paved way for the moon also bright But my heart never allowed loneliness to rule
My body almost danced to the
rhythm of loneliness

It was ten moons ago when we werehappy
The first night together was a
night of impotent promises
Memorise of sugar –coated kisses When your heart was on my heart you told me
I also replied in a soft and innocent voice
But love making my eyes so
Made you to bury me in the grave
of lies

All the meetings under the tree With the troubles from my father I thought it was love
I thought you were ready for
me to bring forth Our dreams
The dream to fulfill the will of “Odomankoma”

You sowed a seed in my weak womb
And made it strong
You sowed a seed on the land Without the owner plucking you a
green leaf
The seed grows in me day by day But you never take responsibilities
Weeds grow around the seed you
Weeds compete with your seed
you sowed
I love to keep the seed you
planted in me So I suffer to weed around it

Every night, I hear the resounding voice
Always in monotony the words we
exchanged on our first night together

The cock crows twice But you thought me
to be wise For you denied me that
night When my Papa and Mama were
filled with bitterness for me I winked and tears rained
What crime has pregnancy
committed for you to deny me?

I was twenty So I played so blindly
Trying to quench the thirst of my
The pleasure beyond measure
The pleasure of ecstasy Not the words in the Bible and that of the old ones Were able to prevent me
Measures from father “do not go out”
Long talk from
mother “you will kill me oooo”

Friends now have left me alone Because
of the seed you planted in my fresh womb Parents feel ashamed of me
For the sake of my child they ask “so your child will grow without a father?”
But I weep not and answer them “look above
his father is there,Odomankoma”

I will raise you alone only I will
understand your cry I know what it means
when you shout the Meaningless word
“meeee!!!!!” Under the mercies of
nature I will bring you up
Scotchy sun and cool breezes

I am alone Only me Am a single parent.


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