Who Killed Okomfo Anokye?

We have been waiting anxiously
For the “Okomfo” to descend
We have been waiting for
Hours, days, weeks, months
But “Okomfo” seems to be glued up

The gongon beater from the palace
Came wrapped up in the clothes of alcohol
Stacked in the web of wine
Calculating his steps practically
at the tip of his fingers
He hits, spits and leaves us in suspense

Ton ton ton!” When the wine is in the wit is gone,
But my wit is in, even though the wine is in
My tongue is heavy and it is heavy for me to unfold
But it is just a message”

The sound of the gongon was not different from
the previous ones we have been hearing
But the message, the message will not be the same
as we have been hearing

Vultures have taken over the skies
The atmosphere is silent as the cemetery
The men grabs the women in their arms
The women draws the children in their cloths
He spits and leaves us in suspense

“There are times when the palm wine tapper
never climbs down as he was, to tell us
what is up there on the palm tree
There are doors without exits
There are illnesses without cure
The great anthill has fallen and all ants
have lost their habitat
“Nana se, m’nse mo se “Okomfo Anokye
fro sro a w’amba biom”
I am just a messenger” “ton ton ton”

I was told the truth is a lie
I was told the truth is forbidden
I was told the truth is hidden in a great palace



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