6 me ludu

Under the “akwankwa tree
Is where one sees able bodied Adams
Struggling with a lazy dog for shade and uninterrupted cool breeze

All one hear is “6 me ludu”!

“6 me ludu” with all hope that the devils bone casted
Must turn to his favor

Not even the gale wind can change the outcome
When the dice turns 6 he wears a crown
When it turns 5 he wears a frown

“6 me ludu”!
One hears a tiny loud voice
The woman now eschews the home
And takes up the “akwankwa tree” as her new home
Indolentness fills her heart like the bottle of a well known drunkard

I prospicience prosperity
Lets put away our ludu boards
Take up the hoes
Take up the baskets
For there is enough rest when we sleep


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