Nyame Krom
                           P.O.Box 143
                           Nyame be kyre
                          19th October 1994
Dear Lover,
                Sitting on barricades for ages,
Hiding my feeling of being with you in teary cages.
Seeing in my dreams ghosts of my bullets and shades of faces
This is why am writing this pages.
      Weep not, dear, weep not.
On the battle field, you give me a reason to return home.
   I remember the last words you whispered in my ears
Its been in my head for years
Any time a remember,
a smile appears
And tears follow
In my bullet proof vest I hide your photo.
      Tell my brothers to make peace with love
Fly free from tree to tree like a dove
For AK’s shows no love from above.
   I miss you Dear. The war might end with me or I will end before it ends. Whatever be the case
Forget-Me-Not O my Baby.

                          Yours ever
                          (Bob no rank)


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