Last Year 14th Febuary ( A lesson for all young performers)

Last year, 14th Febuary was today. I
rehearsed for about one month for my
first stage performance with DK, Sammy
Gee, Natty Ogli and Yogendra. It was at
      Now let me brief you of what
really went on there.
The show was supposed to be a mixture
of poetry with music.
The show started with only a few people
there. Music was playing at the
background smoothly. I started feeling
weak in my voice and in my own poem.
        We the poets performing gathered and
prayed for a good show but God was too
busy that night sake of people were busy
sinning somewhere. We rehearsed again
and again and again.
It was time for us to go on stage but the
flaw arrived at our feet. Plans made all
the months changed. When I got to the
stage, I didnt get a mic to use, infact we
all didnt get one but there was a mic.
       I shouted my words from my stomach then
a drunk man stood up shouting harder
than me “We dont want poetry, get away
from my face, We dont need poetry
here”. I was very down.
Bro Natty came with a poetic mood
activated but this Man kept on messing
up. Sammy Gee also came out Dk
followed and the Man got more angry he
said ” Today is valentine day, dont preach
to me, get off my face but DK increased
his volume in the face of this man, all of a
sudden the sounds man destroyed the
performance by playing an unwanted
music meaning ” Get off Stage”.
The rest will be told another day.
But all that happened prepared me for a
mega show on 16th Febuary 2013…

BIGUP TPG…. ” Team Poetry Ghana”.
Happy Vals day in advance.



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