That Day

You shed needless tears from your eyes
You forced saltless tears which made heart merry
When you descended from the womb of your mother
You demanded bresuo as a traveler from a million miles away
*Nufusuo was offered from the nipples of your mother

When you were passed on into the guarding hands of your father
Swang to and fro, to and fro into the world of mysteries
Your fathers prayer was “onyame me de abofra ye hye wonsa”
All you could do was to stare at his face
From then you knew you have a father

Now that your umbilical cord is planted in the yards of your ancestors
You crawl to the feet of your mother and whisper a meaningless word
That day it is interpreted as Mama
Till you nurse your milk teeth into a real hardest bone

Till nature plough the teeth and leave your gum empty
Then you will know that the clock ticketh forward not stationed
Then you will know that your bones are failing you
Then you will wish the angel of death takes you home to your ancestors
When your six feet is dug for your lonesome journey
When Barbados will be laid on the grave of you

That day you will force tears from million eyes
That day they will sing
“yere tu tu y’nan se ne a akwantufo re tu oo*

“yere tut u y’nan se ne a akwantufo re tu oo
“yere ko Zion.

They say we are going to Zion
So that day will you go to Zion?

*Nufusuo is breast milk in Akan
*Marching on like men on a journey
we re going to Zion


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