Oh I evoke the wonderful spirit of the suprem being
Whom I tease His nostrils with wine but sip not
He who created the moon and the sun
“ambo nsu, ambo owia”
He who pour refreshing rain on his children
I stand before you with my cloth lowered to my chest
I offer thee wine

Mother earth, “asaase yaa”, I chant thy name
You who never gets tired even when we walk on you
You who accommodate my great ancestors
And offer them rest
I offer thee wine

Oh great ancestors “nananom nsamanfo ne abosom” of our land arise and drink
Fresh wine from the breast of mother earth
I offer you wine to pay homage
I also  pour you wine to paint your good image
I stand with my cloth lowered with calabash in my
Hand not to disturb your mortal sleep
But to quench your thirst for a favor
Those who pull spears, guns, arrows and bewitch us
Should never live to see the sunrise of tomorrow

The wicked man who’s mindset is never to see us prosper
Should be put to shame in front of our prosperity

Arise to my defense when am defenseless
Let thousands fall at my feet on battlefield

Let the face of the evil be as the back of the tortoise

I offer you wine to bring great things to our door steps
And drive ungodly things away to the arena of the wicked

Bumper harvest I pray thee to have

Take this drops of wine
Accomplish my quest for me


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