The legends story made us know
That life is a journey “Abrabo ye akwantu”
There are times when we show our teeth
There are times when we wish not to show the hardest bone
There are times when we place our hands on our head and shout
  “Bueeii bueiii ade aye me”

There are times when sorrows drink our slimy saliva
And live us with bitter saliva in our mouth
When all tears settles at our chin
It will rain on the grave of the dead
Death is a greedy competitor “Owu sese fo”
Death takes my favorite player from the field of life

“Owuo kura ade a nkwa ntumi ngye”
How I wish I could stop death from taking
my favorite player away
It is said that the ladder of death is not climbed by one
“Owu antwede nye b’ako na efro”

To he who lost a dear one
To the one who lost a dear man
To the orphan who lost both souls
I leave you in the hands of “Odomankoma”
“Nana Nyame a wo hwe okunafo so”
The Lord who keeps watch over the widow

The widow cry
“Am drenched, indeed my tears drench
My tears make me shiver in my weak bones
I can not sleep, for dreams I want not keeps
On revealing themselves to me
The great anthill has fallen and all ants have lost
Their habitat
Who will guide Kofi “ba bone”?
Who will strengthen Yaw “preko”?
Who will put food on my table?

Your brothers are saying “ye nom kraa yen bo”
They seek solace but find it only in
The depth of a calabash of wine

I bid you farewell
I bid you “Akwantu pa”
I also bid you “Damirifa due”
“Due ne amane hu”
“Due na ohohwo na owe akoko a n’ni abo”

You have left a deep pith of sorrow in our heart
Fond memories we have
Dirges we listen to
Unworthy attribute they sing
But I offer you elegy

I can not stand the last words of the
“let dust join dust”
“Dote nko dote mu”
And “ashes join ashes”
“Nso nko nso mu”

Yet almost very sudden
I hear the words dark hidden
Nyame, odoto k3se a wo’adi owu su nkunim
“b3bo okuna fo no ho ban”
God will protect the widow


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