Tunes Of The Gods


Truth of our past
Lies of our present
All sitting on the dump tongue of the gods

I believe in the songs of “asafo
Telling of a power
Telling me of the strength in oneness
So hoist not our flag at stand still
Fly our flag, Ye flag bearer of the black warriors

I believe in the chants of the dawns
Remembering the lost child the path from the forest of lies
Remembering tired muscles that the battle ends when your opponent dies in the arena

So quit not now
So fight on now till you hold your head high
Till you propose a toast with the skull of your enemy


2 thoughts on “Tunes Of The Gods

  1. Well i think am going to digest the poem and write a commentary on it in my own perceptions. Contemporarily African. Great work done, Mr Koo Kumi.

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