An Octave For Dear Maya

An Octave for Dear Maya

If you ask me to say something about Maya Angelou…
I will not be able to say much
But I will shout huge volumes of poetry on top of my voice for the caged bird to break free from it cage
To fly free fast to the ocean where mama Maya’s soul will float to the after life.
And if it reach there before me and if I reach there before it, the message will be “please sign your autograph at my back before you go”

Death you have no reason to run this season
She built a mansion with touching words
Touching world
Blessings souls and healing wounded soles

Maya where ever you are
You are the definition of “black is beautiful”
Many call you “the phenomenal woman”
But I call you my morning dew

Tell me who has the smile that makes angles envious
No wonder why you are called Angelou
A true reflection of an angel
I am here writing as
You did
And “Hoping for the best,
prepared for the worst, and
unsurprised by anything
between” because I know why the caged bird sings

Mama Maya mother earth awaits

So I will not say much
Cos ” Words mean more than what
is set down on paper. It
takes the human voice to
infuse them with shades of
deeper meaning. Cos I know why the caged bird sings”

The songs the caged bird sings are operas.
A full orchestra
Like Stevie Wonder on the piano and Jimmy Hendrix on the strings
sounding so unique in your heart.
Yes I know

We shall meet on the pulse of the morning someday


2 thoughts on “An Octave For Dear Maya

  1. There is no way this poetical octave to Maya could have been brewed by anyone else except The Original Koo Kumi.
    I am only waiting for the day the voice on papar for this octave would smile the tunes of my speakers to my ears.
    I salute you and to Maya,

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