How To Speak Confidently In Public

This article is not a poem but will help other performing poets to know how to execute their poems confidently. This is part one…


Know your subject: Part of making
yourself a comfortable and dynamic
public speaker is to make sure you know
what you’re talking about and you know well. Lacking knowledge can make you
anxious and uncertain when you’re
speaking and that will come through to
your audience.

*Preparation is key: Take your time
when you are planning your speech to
make sure that it flows naturally and
logically. You’ll also need to make
sure that you know how you’re
coming across while giving the speech
and heighten your good qualities while
downplaying the less good qualities.
Even if public speaking is something
like having to answer a question in
class, you will still need to make sure
that you know your subject. This can
help you feel and present as more
confident, which will make a good
impression on your listeners.


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