For the sake of you I will never sleep
and if I will sleep then it will be beside
a pen and a paper

For the sake of a you I will reject slavery
when am with you am stronger than the army
with you in my mouth
guns are lowered
with you in my head
I do not even need a lawyer
kasa mpren mpren, that’s what you tell me
Odomankoma planted you without tempering you
with a booster
among your class you need no master
wo ne hena ? anwen sem

For the sake of you I sit with
those with wit
We drink, but only from the pots
of Osagyifo,
We filter it only in the lab of Romeo
We live on the shoulders of Nana Asaase
with great advice from DK Osei Yaw, Adjei Agyei-Baah

For the art we live
For the art we change
For the art we pick fruits of pride
we will be with you till you be not


William DuBois Poet @ 2012.


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