This Season

We were not rich

We were not poor

We were promised a big chunk of chocolate

So as all the errands we went on, we wouldn’t be late

The sounds produced by the fowls were our warrant

Our warrant that this season will be a memorable one

The decorations were are warrant

Our warrant that a silent night is going to be upon us once more

We were children

We were not children when we see little Jesus in his manger

Our eyes opens like gates and closes as windows as if we’ve sensed danger

We did sense danger when the bed time story reaches where little Jesus was in danger

We were old men and women

When we act the art of old

I am Joseph and you are Mary

Little Elliot is a wise man

You are one of the shepherds

We laughed at the silent night with our mouth filled with cookies

This is Christmas it is filled with goodies

We call all our buddies

Come o come, come ye old buddy come lets share memories

This is Christmas

We were children

We didn’t care how deep dad and mums pocket were

We were little boys and girls trying to have fun

We were ready to pledge our obedience to our parents for once

Because our Christmas is a must

For we the little boys

A pair of jeans

Water pistol

2 in one sun glasses

Were our best shot

For the little ladies

A Cinderella gown

A three sister pair of socks

A ribbon for the jelly hair

And what else do we need to be thankful again

We were not rich

We were not poor

But our families became our warrant

This reason is why we celebrate this season

Christ is born in my backyard

A cause to rejoice

This is Christmas


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