I Will Be Waiting At The Cross Roads


Your name is inscribed in the sundial of my heart

In aphoristic stanzas

Heart bleeding with the tears of a betrayed smile

Feet too tired for the sake of the foot journey in search of a missing love in each mile

I am at the assembly of the serenade singers

With lovers licking their fingers

I embrace the string notes to get lost in their music

“Hold on, my heart is on fire”

The fire we sit around to sing have lit my heart

Burning within with solitude thoughts

Carving out poems on diamond stones

Waiting for another muse to write you a ballad

I will be waiting under the tree, where you left me

It stands lonely at the cross roads of Domeabra

I will be waiting beneath or beside it

If beneath, there will be writings on my tomb stone

Saying “buried with all the love unkempt”

If beside, there will be bottles of hope keeping the tears wept

* Domeabra— A name of a town (Akan Word, means “If you love me, Come”)


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