Tell Them

I was born a baby god
How could my father know I will grow up to have similar ideas,
Similar gifts as the man I was named after?
Tell me how
The priest will stand behind the podium
Beneath the heavens and say Kumi William Du Bois Yaw Sakyi was no saint
Before my movements are made still
Before my words, my voice is lost, before I am 6 feet beneath our haven
Our other way to heaven
Please tell them about me

Tell them I was born a human, but the world made me a god
Tell them I never smile unless it made you smile
Tell them I told you
Tell them I told you I would take a bullet for you
Tell them I couldn’t please all because you guys kept on changing your minds
Tell them I told you so

Tell them I have found Jesus Christ in poetry so I will love it
Tell them that the stage they see as a raised platform is my altar
It’s my sanctuary, it’s here that I minister to
Tell them for me
Tell them I dream of things I have never seen in my land before
Tell them I dream of dragons, unicorns
Tell them I was a beast in my nightmares so my nightmares were afraid of me
Tell them I roar to scare like a mother lion
Tell them I kept the promise, “see this shoulder, you can rely on”
Tell them I told you my eyes could be your mirror
What do you see in a broken mirror if not broken nose and lips
Tell them my eyes were like river stone

Tell them I once felt love
Tell them that the experiences I have exposed my system to, makes me immune to my emotions
Tell them, how you feed on my words like an abalone
Tell them, how my audience left me alone
Tell them, the retrospection and introspection exercise I did
Tell them, about the wars I lead
Let them know about the needy people I feed
Tell them, about the hearts I broke
Tell them, the tears my actions commanded to flow from the eyes
Tell them, I was fire, I was ices
Tell them that Koo Kumi was a god
Tell them that Kumi William Du Bois Yaw Sakyi was human.



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