Silent Screams of The Wondering Ghosts (A Tribute to Garissa)

They sent bullets on an errand
Bullets handpicked bodies at random
“Mama, they are killing us, if I don’t make it, I am dead, and I love you all”

Fractions which actions divides nations
Bodies separated from their souls in slow motions
Soul’s soles are tired and sad as they swim oceans
Religion is a barrier a cyanide and an opium for the masses

Mama cry no more, baby’s road to eternity will be flooded
They go in a crowd soon to fade into colorless clouds
Their names will be inscribed on the clock towers of victims
Victims of an opium, Religion
“Daddy, I am afraid, they are coming …whispers

Tell them about the wrath of the gods when invoked
Tell them the nightmares of the wondering ghosts when evoked
Tell them of the topic at their indaba when provoked
“We will come for you, we will force arrows of memories through your heartless soul”

Mama, risasi kuguswa ndoto yangu, siwezi kupata yake kupumua
“Mama, the bullets touched my dreams, I can’t find it’s breathe”
Kumbuka sisi kwa uchungu wetu
“Remember us for our agony”
Hii ni bei yetu kwa ajili ya harmony aliahidi
“This is our price for a promise harmony”
Kupumzika kwa amani mwili wangu
“Rest in peace my body”
Ajabu salama nafsi yangu
“Wonder safe my soul”



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