We sit and stare, while time waits not
For so long, I was too young and dumb to realize that
Charm and beauty was deceitful
But this woman, who fears the Lord, needs to be praised

Then for a split second, I thought my birth should have been earlier
Than the nine months, just for me to see her pretty face
She told me, my birth should her So much pain
But my first cry, gave her enough joy
That she forgot about her labor pain
Like a hen and her chicks, getting inseparable
Her love for me become much more stronger
That she saw jealousy in my father’s eyes
Because my presence too much of her time and love

I saw her devotion to Christ and her maker
And that missing heaven was her greatest fear
My love for her makes me losing her my greatest fear too

She introduced me to Christ as a growing child
And led me unto the path of righteousness

So back in the days when, I could reminise
Running back home from Sunday school
Hoping I would never miss “journey to the west”
Now take a good look at me
It doesn’t matter what you see
For I could only scream and say “MAMA”
Know very well, what it means to me

Factually, she gave me power, fire
And every reason for me to go higher
See do not let us talk about whose mom is the best cook
Besides, each time I sought to be consoled
She was readily available
My mother, is my pride

 Many mothers, rather not to be called wives
Still have their homes not broken
Because they had wanted to stay
To them that have the future of their children at heart
Never would the bond ever efface
Then to the realization that , RALPH WALDO EMERSON was right
When he said “men are what their mothers make them into”
Patience they say moves mountains
Don’t be surprised, even when the finest Gold begins to melt

She is my god of Hope
And the queen of faith.

Happy mother’s day to all mothers.
                                                                    Antiok Lordson Ameamu
Dedicated to Felicia Agbanyo-Ameamu


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