An Ode to my mother


 Brightly colored petals that dance in sprightly glee
Agile feet sprint from tree to tree
in cheerful glee the heart that  breasted me
In her bosom rests the cord of  great affection given me
The signature of love written in the moon
A mothers love is unmatched
A love that dwindles in the face of the sun only to shoot-up in a crescendo of incomparable sweetness
The woman in the moon, stashed by the maker,remains a mystery to man-kind

In that feminine breast rests the hand that rocks the cradle
Tears that heal to the world
radiant smiles that surpasses the sun in splendor
A mothers love is incomparable and unmatched
Naught can i do to pay for your love O’mama
but to smile and hug you
I love you mama
I love you Jaleela Lariba Avoka
                               your son Abanga

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