NB: some words and sentences are in pigen or (broken English) form. Enjoy!!


Photo  credit : Erica Agban

Its lights off,
Man for bath
Last cedi man for use for candles
Light my path or I fall into the hands of opportunists
They will rob me of my tattered cloths

Its lights off,
Charley you for bath
Nkran ohyew ne kanea dum dum

Mo ma nye nka na ɛri kum yen sum sum
Its light off, man for talk
Talk about the man who fell from roof top,
for the love of fresh air
For the hate of hot air
Talk about the kids, what will they tell their children of their grandfathers?
Mofra, mo nena nom ntumi ngyaw mo kanea”

Weye nyena na se me kai a me ntumi mbo mpea

Me da me so so deaye boni no oo”

I no get generator, I don’t have, and I just can’t buy
To use it as standby so bye bye to lights
Welcome home darkness
I no get generator, it’s a good generator of noise
It makes up and breaks up

Its lights off, man for sit to draw the plan
Masa you for iron your whole wardrobe
Make you no put your eyes on the light today
As you won’t put your ice on a table trying to make hay
It will melt and evaporate into thin air
Its dumsor time, check your timetable
Read your Logic and critical thinking note outside on a table
Because time is never stable to be able
For you to be capable to beat dum
Its exams time so study at sun or weep in sum

A dead goat can’t hear the cry of its owner nor its children
But Charley we go hashtag on twitter
Waiting for SorSor to get better
Before dumdum turns bitter
We build our rage, do pushups and get fitter
2016 de Charley wallahi

Se okwasia ani ti a na aguro agu

Baafira koraa

Wobe ti Kpa

That’s All


Photo credit : Yvonne Nelson’s twitter account

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