The 10 Books On My Book Shelve


I have 10 books on my book shelve
Books without covers, don’t judge a book by its cover
They could cough dusty air into breathing space like they fly rockets in the
Milky starry galaxy,
Books with hardcovers made us hard guys, torn covers, tough covers
These books are mine, what they are for?
It doesn’t matter, its mine only

1. The gods are not to be blamed for my loud silence breaks glasses and disturb the sleep of ghosts and the dumb masses
Blame me, blame my parents
I am a good boy who have grown into the armor of a good man
The holes perforated in me makes me float on the rivers of life as I search for the mystic mystery of his ministry to rewrite history

2. I didn’t major in history but legends has it that,
My Mama fed me with the ideal milk
But not every milk is ideal
She harvested my milk teeth with songs, call it lullabies
Planted them back into their sockets with advice call it, poetry
Teaching me of the routes to my roots of the family tree

3. I respect my mother

4. For she even found meaning in my cries
The faces I made whereas consciously counting leaves of my “P3 story book”
Compressing comprehensive comprehension questions

5. I have love for Popsicles
All the molecules are in unity
In harmony with color, color my tongue rainbow
There is hope for the future

6. Pregnant days ahead but most of them had miscarriages
But lessons encouraged me to pick up the pen
Cos I had the right to write the right in the right way

7. Pregnant days ahead but most had still life birth
So I practiced cerebral hygiene but I read with red eyes

8. I know why the caged bird sings, the songs they sung were operas
I mean a full symphonious orchestra, I never cared about missing keys and misplaced notes
Cos even Mozart’s piano had missing keys and depressing notes
Note not to note grammar
Maya Angelou became my grandma

9.I’m black, I mean, Martin Luther king Jnr black
Malik al Shabazz black
Guinness black
Coal tar black
Suite and tie black
My entire brain black
Breathe black, eat black, and drink black

10. I am a god among men, black
And my life matters, black


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