“I jotted down some words one morning
I couldn’t understand what I have written
But all I could read was”: A friend sent this poem to me for a read but I think its worth publishing.
Have a good read.

Written and seen,Seen and Written,I guess they are all the same
But hey, I wore my thinking cap and realized they are on separate paths
I have written and seen marks what I jotted down which came to pass yet didn’t have the courage to prove it
I have seen and written notes what I have observed and jotted down.

I turn ,toss and worry what next to write in this verse
A call from the upstairs of my brain
Its a word of caution
Very brief about a fall
Just wondered what it could be
But it was a fall of “Mon stylo”
Ha! I think I’m just a confused young writer
Trying to gamble with words
And getting more confused as I play with them
Combining Pastor,Reverend, Bishop, Prophet, Right Reverend,Very Right Reverend, Apostle, Evangelist
Ain’t they all men of God
Or they are different
Ho! I’m getting more confused
I’m just a nasty writer.

You say God is King, I say Allahu Akbar
Yet you read Holy Bible and I read Holy Qur’an
I thought Allah and God are the same
Or is it because of my confused state
Confusion is just a state of the mind
But I think this is just the state of the hand
Oh I’m confused with confusion.

       By: Ewurama Ampong


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