So you can’t swallow time to wait
Before you are used as a bait
For you have nothing but a lustful date
Before that night
You have a sleepy fight
Actually your excitement is too much
Don’t be in a hurry as such
He’s waiting just to pull down the pant
So don’t be in a haste
So that you would pant
Just a prank
And he tells you “you are my only love”
Only to make you laugh

Words like “there’s none like you”
Makes you really wanna fly
So high you can’t feel your feet
Then you take a seat
On your lips you repeat
The very words of deceit
Maybe its the truth unknown
That comes to soothe
The depth of the soul
Could it be a foul

Or a towel
Covering the nudity of a mother
When removed
Brings much doom
So make room
For a better throne of truth
Not one prone to lies
And that could be a lovely lie

  Ewurama Ampong



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