koo class 1This is for those who work 25 hours a day
This is for those whose sweat washes the feet of the system
This is for those whose dreams are songs sung by cadavers
This is for the system
The kind that kills your dream while in Mamas womb, Mamas womb is too dark
Mama’s womb room loom dark, dark room I call it produces blurry images of our nows and tomorrows
The system that makes kids grow to become ministers, the kind who administers poverty
Religion or politics
The system that makes you give up before you are given the chance to steal a breath into your chest
Force it out for a creature to use, trees

This is for the night walkers
This is for the bed warmers
This is for the soul of the sinners
This is for the innocence of the sinners
Cage your rage for a better stage
You can pick up a knife to cut your heart from your insides but not your conscience
They judge you and they judge you right

This is for my hustlers
This is for those who live and die with cars
This is for those whose feet knows no boots, bare ground
This is for those whose bodies are like the sky with stars all over
I mean those whose bodies are dressed with Measles, hash rashes and scars
This is for you, yes you,
Whoever told you that the rainbow just come?
It come but after a rainfall
Even orgasms doesn’t come at ease, you will have to freeze and release

This is for those who fear to say “I can”
I am not your biggest fan
You see, it is better to try to fail than to fail to try
This is for the child who is afraid to draw the rainbow to add black
This is for the child who drew the rainbow and added black
This is for those who scare away our fears and drink our tears
This is for those who enter into my dreams, your dreams
To extend it into a day dream
This is for the fighters

We can’t be measured
You are treasured
Your size is unknown
Size zero
Mortal combat Sub-zero
“Come over” here for
Whenever you feel alone and you can’t pull through
My hands are stretched longer than the distance between heaven and hell
I am here to help
Slow down, They will drive
The trinity


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