Dear Future Wife


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Dear future wife
If you should be a star, you will be a five pointed star
I will rate and rank you behind the love of my mother
Before I was a thought in the brain of my parents
God showed my mother love to save me egg
God showed my father love to save me sperm
So dear future wife, I knew love before I was a fetus in Mama’s womb

Dear future wife, I won’t love you more than my Mother
For from her ins I came from, came through her wide open for the whole world to see what needs to be seen so never will I be able to show you greater love than hers
I will love you from the heart of my soul like a baby loves its Mama
Before you confess love to me to the world
Let the heavens and earth be my witness that my mother has taught me love so all you have to do is to continue the lesson, it’s just a change of tutor not a change lesson

Dear future wife, I will wrong you in many ways but with the intention of love
Dear future wife, I will reduce the love I have for you when you give birth to our children
I will love them equally as I love you
So dear future wife, you will be a jealous wife
But I will be with you unconditionally

Dear future wife, if the stars are like diamonds in the sky
Then the sun is a gold in the sky
The moon is a platinum
I will give you the sky as a treasure box
And say “this is how long our marriage will last, this is how heavy my heart is so don’t ever dare break it because you can’t fix, this right here in your arms is how I have entrusted my trust into your care”
So if you care as you say you will care please hold on to the sky

There will be times I will show you a supernova
I will remember you that I was one hell of a Casanova
I broke hearts and pulverized them into powder
And anytime I escaped from a heart like El Chapo
I left burnt remains like a charcoal
But ever since that day
The day I set my eyes on you
Love which adheres to no rules poured down on me like Pentecost day
I spoke in tongues, I shivered and fell in my words but you picked me up with smiles
Oo dear future wife, those smiles you sent from your chicks on your shoulders
Hit me like stray bullets hit soldiers
Dear future wife, this is how I will hold you
Form an equator around you because I have chosen you as my world
And you can feel free to lean on my shoulders because you make me feel King
Queen you will be

Dear future wife
I know, “you” and “I” may never rhyme
But together we can make sense, making meaning
It’s the bond
Whereas others wear make ups to get them hook ups
Dear future wife will always wear smiles forged in the fires of natural beauty
For this and many reasons, loving you will be my duty
I will call you names ahead of pretty, sweetie
True love is very greedy

Nella fantasia
I will love you not till seventy but till eternity
And maybe we may die in each other’s arms
With our favorite song on replay
Even though old age have eaten our memories of its lyrics
But we will always remember how our feet moved to the rhythm of our heart beats
With our open palms tightly closed and fixed fit into each other
Dear future wife Nella fantasia
We may forget the name of our children but never will we forget our names
The date, the time, the manner, the look the everything that happened on our first day, first date and wedding day.

“Happy Valentine’s Day Dear future wife wherever you are”


7 thoughts on “Dear Future Wife

  1. awesomely awesome..i love goo
    Koo Kumi….

    dear future husband…
    this is my plea
    that i wish to

    so where ever you are plz start writing.

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