The Poetry Exchange


It’s been a while since I posted. I have been busy on some awesome stuff. I will post pictures of such projects for you to see, now here is one of the awesome Poetry stuff coming on this month.. Have a read and share..


Four top Nigerian poets in the persons of Efe Paul AzinoDami AjayiDike Chukwumireji and Wana Udobang are representing Nigeria in the phase one of the Poetry Exchange program in Accra, Ghana The events include a workshop, roundtable discussion, performances and tour of some tourism sites in Ghana. 

THE POETRY EXCHANGE program seeks to bring poets, spoken word artistes and storytellers from different cultural backgrounds to engage and explore the diversity of various cultures and also educate participants through quality performances, exhibitions, conversations and workshops. It is to encourage exploration of cultural heritage of participating countries by creating awareness of the traditional values and foster respect for the respective national cultural heritage.

Culture is dynamic and it manifests in different ways and differing levels of depth- in our ideals and ideas, beliefs and values; folklore, environment, science and technology. Even in the form of our political, social, legal and economic institutions. It also manifests in the artistic quality and humanistic dimension of our literature, music, drama, architecture, carvings, paintings and other artistic forms.

Poetry is central to any culture, and is capable of being the most powerful and transformative feature of the arts. Poetry is important because it opens our minds to wonder and ponder over the astonishing possibilities of language. It is, in its subtle yet powerful way, a discipline for re-engaging us with a world we take too much for granted.


The Poetry exchange program will be executed in a manner similar to a league in a home and away basis where one country host one or more groups from different country and the vice versa.
Ghanaian Poets are also expected in Lagos, Nigeria on the 20th of May to reciprocate the program under the poetry exchange.

We are inviting the general public to come witness the spectacle; poetry and spoken word brings to the creative arts, culture and tourism industry at the Piano Bar on the 23rd of April 2016 at 7:30pm at a rate of Ghc20 for that exclusive show. 

This phase of the poetry exchange program is sponsored by Riohs Originate and supported by BeKofi, Pluzz Fm, Okay fm, Citi fm, Class fm, Accra fm, Live FM,,,,

I will be there so Charley meet me there wai… Let’s share and exchange.

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